About Open Door Rapport

OpenDoorRapport.com is the host site for Jim Coyne and Tom Schaefer’s “That’s what I believe” podcast, and for a whole lot more. It’s a support site for projects including “Wild Harmony”—a book documenting Jim Coyne’s experience as a ranger in Yellowstone National Park—and “ODR Perspectives,” a collection of nonfiction writing submitted by visitors.

The goal of this site is to provide new ideas for innovative minds.

ODR Perspectives
Join the conversation! Submit your autobiographical, nonfiction writing for the first volume of our eBook project, “ODR Perspectives.” We’re interested in your experiences while traveling, adventuring, or even going through everyday life. Maybe an unexpected chain of events influenced the way you look at life and your place in it. This is a pretty open project, so if you think you’ve got something that would work well, send it off to WildHarmonyBook@gmail.com (Word Doc, simple email text preferred). Be it told from first person, second, or third, email what you have to us and we’ll go from there. All it takes is a willingness to share.

Remember, we learn to write well by writing. This is all just a beginning and we’ll get better as we go, so let’s do it.

Email: JimAndTom@OpenDoorRapport.com

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