Change in format! Mondays at 12AM 5/16/12

Jim and Tom explain the rationale behind a change in format. No more split-up conversations, no more Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hereforth, all guests’ material on such-and-such topic will be constrained to a single, longer episode. New podcasts will now be released weekly, at midnight on Mondays.

positive changes

March 20, 2012 “The best way to live life is to do your best and be cool to people and be nice and get through this as easy as you can…virtually anybody can put themselves on a positive path.” – Joe Rogan Anyone can come up with a complex way of living. It is for […]

Outside Actuality

March 25, 2012 I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a truck today which read, “I’d rather be lost in the woods, than found in the city.” There were many other cars on the crowded road with no trees in sight. Earlier in the day, I woke up in Allegheny National Forest, under […]