Getting by without her

Love, let’s get that word out of the way. Life proves to us all how cruel it can be time and time again. Loss so unexpected points out the preciousness of today. This circle of understanding spins endlessly. Relationships bring hope of betterment. Mountains are climbed and valleys are explored. But we can still fall […]

Westward perspectives

Sugar gliders, 7 breeds of small dogs, attacked by another dog and then finally relieved to learn that the neighbors own a howling beagle in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Wild Harmony in Steamboat Springs for a short while. The on the road book tour continues to Salt Lake City in a few days then San Francisco to get […]

The wild

I misspelled Christopher McCandless’ name. His name often came to mind when ever I would be walking down the center of roads in Yellowstone keeping cars moving while people struggled to capture the wild beasts from their point and shoot cameras. Chris changed his name. He became something else. A disguise? An alter ego? Someone […]

Wild Harmony Coast to Coast Tour

Almost thirty states await some story telling and bookstores with frequently visiting readers. Phenomenal capacity to make it happen if everyone works together.

positive changes

March 20, 2012 “The best way to live life is to do your best and be cool to people and be nice and get through this as easy as you can…virtually anybody can put themselves on a positive path.” – Joe Rogan Anyone can come up with a complex way of living. It is for […]

Outside Actuality

March 25, 2012 I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a truck today which read, “I’d rather be lost in the woods, than found in the city.” There were many other cars on the crowded road with no trees in sight. Earlier in the day, I woke up in Allegheny National Forest, under […]