positive changes

March 20, 2012

“The best way to live life is to do your best and be cool to people and be nice and get through this as easy as you can…virtually anybody can put themselves on a positive path.” – Joe Rogan

Anyone can come up with a complex way of living. It is for the most part much better to think of a simple way of life, simple rules, and simple values. Some of us are the same; most of us are entirely different from one another. Dreams, aspirations, plans, all differ ever so slightly. Our ability to identify with another person on a conversational level is a great skill toward creating strong relationships. It becomes problematic when we take personal what someone else says which we many not entirely agree with. When we close up and assume the worst in each other, the course will likely result in negativity and loss. Nothing good comes from negativity and very little comes from being over-realistic.

For some the path through the woods is clear regardless of fear. Others may spend too much energy complaining about the mud or the camouflage effect of the trees. By listening too closely to the complaint and trying to figure out why the other person is so negative, we become negative ourselves and are less considerate of a favorable outcome. This is not such a big deal when hiking through a small park within city limits. However, if the circumstances were within an unknown environment or translated from metaphor to life in general, then such distractions can become fatal. There is not enough time in this life to be negative.

Do not be hard on yourself if you realize that negativity. Simply make a decision to change and it will happen. Positivity is much easier anyway. It also helps to accept yourself in all ways and to be open to constructive criticism. Being authentic is a great technique to understanding real passion and dedication to some sort of goal. People tend to notice this and respond accordingly by sharing ideas which may then spur great action. These habits of positive action have a profound effect on everyone you contact. They benefit and grow until eventually you find yourself surrounded by dozens of strong individuals who possess the capacity to change the world.

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